Sunday, May 17, 2009


I avoid writing controversies. That doesn't seem congruous with my history--I don't avoid controversies; I cause them--but that is my net presence now. On Nathan Bransford's blog when they were talking about whether vamp novels were overdone and finished, towards the end of the discussion I said "I'm tired of people who don't read vampire novels declaring they are dead. If you want to know whether there will be an audience for vamp novels, ask the current audience." On another blog, I defended paranormal fantasy by comparing it to the romantic movement. That's as ranty as I get.

But I cannot avoid controversy. If my current MS becomes popular I will be the center of several controversies.

My oldest daughter's friend's mother is already concerned about her playing over here because I write about vampires. She hasn't seen anything. I reimagine the Bible, including the gospels, and early Christian history. The religious right is going to love me.

Janie has a paternal grandmother who is Chinese, but Janie is not in touch with her heritage. This is an important part of her backstory, but there will be those who criticize me for it.

There will people who disagree. I can either not write the story the muse is giving me or I can accept what I write will be controversial for many reasons.

Guess which I choose.