Friday, February 20, 2009

My first post

I need to transfer a lot of stuff from my old blog. This is the first post I'm making here.

Two more chapters and The Fallen is done. Then I get to start the massive rewrite and I mean massive. I've taken 10K words out and moved them to the second book in the series. That leaves me at 71K now. This is good, since there are sections I greatly need to expand.

But that isn't what makes me on writer heaven.

I have the rough outline for the third book and damn is it good. If the first doesn't sell, this one definitely will. It is heavier on the UF and less on the Christian mythology. Other than Azazel, there isn't really anything biblical in it. And there are werewolves!!! Witches and werewolves and a vampire and a fallen angel. What's not to love?

This means that I have to change the name of the second vampire/Grigori that Daniel fights, but that is a small thing. John thinks I should name her Mel. Maybe I will. Let's see, research time. Melanie comes from the Greek for black or dark. Hey it works! So Azazel is now Mel.

Semhazai still works for the last vampire they face. Need a good name for the first one. Was going to be Sariel, but I think he needs a new one. Maybe I'll rename him Wayne for the Great One since he's a hockey fan. No. That 's what's the word? Oh yeah, lame.

Let's see. The Quebec Nordique's first coach was Maurice. Maurice means dark skinned. Not quite right. Their first star was JC for Jean Claude. (gotta love wikipedia) That might work. He can even be called JC, Wait, I remember what John means, seeing as I'm married to one and that definitely doesn't work. Besides I already have a Janie.

My favorite hockey player was Mario Lemieux Mario means manly. I think I have a winner. YAY!!!

Daniel: God is my judge. I liked the name and it ended up working perfectly
Mario: Manly
Melanie: Black/Dark
Semhazai: Heaven seizer
Maggie: who has her name for a reason that will be revealed book 2
Janie: wonder if she'd change her name when she becomes a vampire. Nah. That would get too confusing. Daniel/Lucifer is bad enough.

So, did you like that peek into a writer's mind?

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Jia Gayles said...

Hi Jeanne,

Sorry to have to contact you this way, but you won 2 books (Melissa Mayhue & Robin Owens) on The Knight Agency blog last week and I just wanted to make sure you received them. Please email your physical address to contests(at)knightagency(dot)net.

Good luck on your new blog!