Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Great Night

Last week, I got thrashed when I submitted the first paragraph over on Ilona Andrews' blog, but that is really good. I need to be able to deal with bad reviews. I've changed the beginning, so that isn't even the first paragraph anymore. Comments I received over at helped me see some areas that needed work. Also, changing from UF to paranormal romance lets me focus on different things.

I put the end of chapter 12 over at Miss Snark's First Victim's blog. Hopefully, I'll get more positive comments.

Today, I started the first round of rewrites. I still have two chapters to write, but decided those would get done in the rewrites. As of right now, the first chapter has been split in two. The new first chapter is done. Five pages of something I'm actually happy with. It is tighter than before, full of tension, really puts you in Janie's head and introduces Janie and what she wants much better. The first 3 pages are completely new. Tomorrow I will create the icon of the cover I've designed.

And I won something!!! I enter so many contests, the law of averages is that I have to win occasionally. I won a signed copy of Jeanine Frost's Halfway to the Grave, her One Foot in the Grave and Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark (original cover, not the post HBO sextacular one). Is it May yet? I need my Eric fix.

I need to crit tomorrow and I need to write my review of Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood. More importantly, I'm in the mood for my rewrites, so hopefully, tomorrow I can knock out chapter 2 and maybe even 3. Some chapters need more work than others, so hopefully, I can do more than one chapter some days.

I'm doing my first round of rewrites. I can't believe it. I might actually stick to the schedule I've set for myself. Maybe.


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Jessica said...

I heard Angel's Blood is pretty good. Good luck with the rewrites. :-)